Name : Edy Yuwono, PhD
Occupation : Lecturer
Address : Faculty of Biology, The University of Jenderal Soedirman
Campus Karangwangkal, Jl. Dr. Soeparno, Purwokerto, Central Java,
Indonesia, 53123
Phone : +62 281 638794
Fax. : +62 281 631700
Email :
Qualification : S1 Biology UNSOED, PhD Newcastle University
Research interest : Physiological response of animal to environmental change
Sustainable aquaculture

Experience in aquaculture research :
• The use of silkworm larva for feed of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (1993-1994)
• Ragworm culture and its use for feeding shrimp (1995-1996)
• Preliminary Study on Microcapsulated Diet For Larval Culture of Gouramy, Osphronemus gouramy Lac. (1998)
• Compensatory growth and oxygen consumption for application in tropical mariculture (2003-2005)
• Microencapsulated diet environmentally friendly formulated from local raw material for feeding fish and crustacean larvae (2007)

Selected publications:
• Golding, DW. and Yuwono, E, 1994, Latent capacity of gametogenic recycling in Nereis, Proceeding of National Academy of Science USA, 91, 25, 1777-1781
• Mujatmoko, Yuwono, E. and Soeminto, 1995, Behavioral response of giant freshwate prawn to feed formulated from different material, Biosfera 1(2): 10-16.
• Yuwono, E., 1999, Acceleration of growth and fecundity enhancement of giant gouramy (Osphronemus gouramy Lac.) through feeding improvement and hormonal treatment, Sains Akuatik 2 (2): 24-29
• Yuwono, E. Sahri, A and Sugiharto, 1999, Larval development in Nereis from the north coast of Java, Tropical Marine Journal, 2(1), 1999: 1-4.
• Yuwono, E, Sahri A and Sugiharto, 2002, Fertilisation and larval and juvenile rearing as an effort to develop ragworm aquaculture, Biosfera, 19 (3): 84-90
• Yuwono, E, P. Sukardi, I. Sulistyo, 2003, Feed utilization and metabolic rate of humpback grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) receiving periodic feed deprivation, Aquaculture Indonesia (2003) 4(3): 125-129
• Yuwono, E., 2003, Study on physiological aspects for application in polychaete worm aquaculture, Sains Akuatik Vol 6, No. 2: 66-74.

• Yuwono, E. 2004, Nutritional requirement of Crustacean and the potency of polychaete for feed of shrimp, Jurnal Pembangunan Pedesaan 5 (1): 42-49.
• Yuwono, E., Sukardi, P & Sulistyo, I., 2005, Feed consumption and efficiency of humpback grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) receiving preset periodic feed deprivation,. Berkala Penelitian Hayati, 10 (2): 129-132.
• Sukardi P., Yuwono E. & Sulistyo I., 2005, Compensatory growth and feed utilization of Scylla serrata as response of repeating cycle of feed deprivation, Aquacultura Indonesiana, 6 (3): 131-135
• Simanjuntak, S.B.I., Yuwono, E., Rachmawati F N., 2006, Effect of suplement Spirulina in feed on hematology of Nilem Osteochilus hasselti, Jurnal Pembangunan Pedesaan, 6 (2), 82-88.
• Simanjuntak, S.B.I. & Yuwono, E., 2006, Effect of feed restriction on hematology and histology of hepar of humpback grouper, Cromileptes altivelis. Ichtyos, 5, 1: 33-36.
• Yuwono, E., Sukardi, P & Sulistyo, I., 2006, Effect of repeated cycle of feed deprivation on oxygen consumption and hematology of milkfish (Chanos chanos), Aquacultura Indonesiana, 7 (2): 101-105.
• Yuwono, E, Sukardi, P, Sulistyo, I & Chaerunisah, 2007, Osmolality change of plasm of milkfish (Chanos Chanos) as response to acclimation to medium salinity, Ichtyos 6 (1):11-16.
• Kunzmann, A., Scmid, M & Yuwono, E, 2007, Routine Respiration and Activity of the Indonesia Mangrove Crab, Scylla serrata (Forskal, 1775) (Decapoda, Brachyura), Crustaceana 80 (1): 77-95.
• Yuwono, E., Jennerjahn, T.C., Nordhaus2, I., Riyanto, E A, Sastranegara1, M. H., Pribadi, P., 2007. Ecological status of Segara Anakan, Java, Indonesia, a mangrove-fringed lagoon affected by human activities. Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution, 4, 1: 61-70.

Experience as aquaculture consultant:

• Team member of counsultant to Bank Rakyat Indonesia for “Gouramy culture intensification in Purbalingga” (1996-1997)
• Technical Asistant for Semi-QUE Project in “Empowerment of natural resource for gouramy feed formulation in Banyumas” (1998)
• Technical asisstant for Industrial Agency of Central Java Province in “Utilization of waste of tempe industry for formulation of fish feed” (1999)
• Technical asisstant to PT Sucofindo in “Training, advocation and monitoring of giant gouramy culture in Purbalingga” (2001-2002)
• Technical asisstant to PT Biru Laut Katulistiwa in “Development of polychaete aquaculture” (2004-2005)
• Advocation to farmers in Tritih, Cilacap on “Growing mudcrab using individual tubing system in silviculture estuarine pond” (ongoing)


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